Our Services

Our Goal…


It’s that simple, we work every day to put as many eyes on your job openings as possible. The following is how we make that happen.

Job Board Distribution

Your job gets distributed to our niche network of specialty job boards for your specific industry.  Unlike most job posting distribution services that simply send jobs to random job boards that have nothing to do with you industry, we ensure that the views and applications you receive are relevant to what you are looking for.

Most applications you receive from other distribution sites usually end up being unqualified candidates and a waste of your time.  They often end up simply being deleted/declined by you.

Social Medial Targeting

One of the most effective methods of advertising is social media. With the use of Facebook, LinkedIn and X, we are able to distribute your position to professionals within your industry.
A potential candidate may see it, share it with a friend or refer a colleague to your open position!

University & Career Services Communications

We are constantly building relationships with University Career Services departments in all areas and programs of study.
This allows us to  continually communicate with the departments and thus, their students and alumni enabling us to keep them up to date with relevant job boards and job postings specific to their programs of study.
This means greater visibility and views for your job listings!

eMail & Referral Network

JBN manages one of the largest databases of professionals in all major industries. We do this by attending and exhibiting at conferences in various industries throughout the year.
Attending and exhibiting at industry conferences performs multiple functions, (1) it creates exposure to the job boards which in turn creates greater exposure to our customers postings, and (2) it allows us to build relationships with professionals extending our referral network where we exchange for future job postings for candidate referrals for our customer’s jobs.
These referrals assist in filling our posted jobs for our customers. A WIN for everyone!