Nursing Jobs

Targeted Nursing marketing… maximizing job visibility!

Job Board Distribution

Forget about generic job distribution sites promising to send your job to 100+ job boards.

JBN targets audiences specializing in your open position and industry resulting in higher quality responses and better results!

Nursing jobs are posted on ALL the following job boards:

  • Ambulance Job Search
  • Hire Nurses Now
  • Nursing Jobs
  • Permanent Nursing Jobs
  • Social Media Targeting

    Distribution of your open job through social media can present your opportunity to individuals specifically within your industry.

    eMail Distribution*

    With one of the largest candidate databases, your job can be distributed directly to the inbox of thousands of job seekers.

    Edu. Career Services*

    Jobs shared with Universities & Alumni with matching programs of study. This audience is typically looking for career opportunities.

     * Items noted with a * are included with a Premium Job Posting only. All other features are included with a Standard Job Posting.